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Web Site Design

Effective site design is no accident, it has to be carefully planned and executed. For this reason, Aspen Web Designs has developed a three phase approach that ensures customers requirements are met from inception to project completion.

Step 1 - Discovery. A discussion of the clients needs and tastes. This helps us understand their objectives for the site and to gain a clearer understanding of their corporate identity. We then analyse this information and develop a strategy that will guide us through the design and development phase.

Step 2 - Visualisation. With a solid strategy Aspen Web Designs will develop a mock uip of possible layouts for the site. We will then review these mock ups witht e client and revise as necessary to develop the final look and feel. Concurrently, we will develop a logical navigation scheme which will be presented in outline prior to the start of implementation.

Step 3 - Implementation.With the information gathered during discovery and the look and feel perfected, Aspen Web Designs will commence assembling the pieces that will become the finished product. Functionality will be implemented and tested,content will be added and the site will be completed, all with an attention to detail and flair for excellence.

Web Site Promotion

A web site residing in the lower ranks of search engine results greatly reduces the benefits of a well placed site.

By careful planning, construction and monitoring, Aspen Web Designs are able to provide a site promotion service that improves search engine ranking. Get your site in the top few pages of results and see your hit rate climb.

Site promotion can be applied to brand new sites or to existing web sites.

Contact Aspen Web Designs to improve your internet presence.

Web Site Hosting

Finding a suitable server on which to host your web site could not be easier.

Aspen Web Designs can provide a competitively priced, comprehensive hosting package for all site requirements, including e-commerce.

From basic hosting with limited eMail boxes to full interaction, unlimited mail boxes and easily worked client control panel from which you can administer your site , eMail and most importantly monitor site traffic.

Web Site Evaluation

If you are an existing site owner and are looking to upgrade or bring your web pages up to date then Aspen Web Designs will be pleased to evaluate your site and offer a number of options from which you could choose.

There is a charge for this service (please see Price Policy) that is redeemable against final invoice should the work be licensed to Aspen Web Designs.

Call now to discuss how Aspen Web Designs could bring a new lease of life to your internet presence.

Product Support

Does your site require daily, weekly or monthly updates ?

Why not contract to Aspen Web Designs with a product support package - Depending on the chosen level, this service will provide regular site updates for you at no extra charge.

Use the contact details, to share your individual requirements.

Flash Animation

Aspen Web Designs prides itself in the use of Macromedia Flash Software.

Flash is becoming more and more popular in web design due to its versatility of producing animated graphics and exciting navigational systems whilst maintaining a small file size to optimise page download time.

How could Flash enhance your site ? - Contact Aspen Web Designs to discuss your individual requirements.

Domain Name Registration

Let Aspen Web Designs help you choose and register a domain name for your web site.

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